Scandia Land Management LLC boasts the most advanced clearing solutions available. We work with a variety of clients from farmers, to construction companies to land owners and real estate developers. Our state of the art mulching equipment means we can tackle any project from thousands of square feet to many acres.
Our equipment can traverse slopes up to 45 degrees, meaning there’s little usable space on any property that can’t be cleared with our equipment.

Forestry Mulching

Forestry mulching is the most effective land clearing method, it protects soil by leaving root systems in place, preventing erosion. It allows for precise brush and tree removal, thinning underbrush and leaving the canopy. Our forestry mulching services are perfect for restoring, reclaiming, and reviving your land to provide scenic vistas, waterfront access, shooting lanes on hunting property, and creating easily traverse le trails for walking, cycling, and equestrian use.

Recognized by the EPA, forestry mulching and masticating takes existing vegetation and grinds it into a nutritionally rich mulch, which leaves a more pleasing finish to any job site rather than bulldozing and uprooting all trees and brush, which adds additional steps to finish the project.

Forestry Mulching Equipment
Forestry Mulcher
Forestry Mulching