Forestry Mulching is a land-clearing method that uses a single machine to selectively cut trees, brush, and vines to chop and clear unwanted vegetation. The finished surface after a mulcher is finished leaves a fine cut, reintroducing nutrients back into the soil faster. The finer the mulch, the better the erosion control after the land is cleared.

The machine Scandia Land Management LLC uses boasts the lowest ground psi on the market for compact track loaders. This means that  the machine can track over sensitive areas  without causing subsurface damage. 

Forestry Mulchers can operate in any weather conditions and doesn’t require multiple machines and trucks to haul off material. The land isn’t disrupted, scarred, or burned. Any trees that are kept are healthier through a thinner canopy, and their roots are not disrupted as with other methods of land clearing.

What is Forestry Mulching?